Djouce Mountain

Location: Wicklow Mountains.

Difficulty – Moderate to Hard.

Time – 3 hours.

Distance – 13km.

Equipment needed – Rain gear, hiking boots, sun glasses, hat, gloves, scarf, wet gear pants for extra protection from the wind, water, snacks, packed lunch, map and compass for navigation.

Families: Not suitable for buggies.

Rating – 4 stars.

Reference –

We did this walk on a day when there was a yellow warning for wind so the final climb was very tough indeed. It was a challenge to stay upright. The views were stunning from the top. We followed the red loop in Djouce loop starting from the second carpark and then the Wicklow way markers brought us to the top of the mountain. We did take a couple of wrong turns on this walk so we needed a map and a compass to get ourselves back on track. Although we thoroughly enjoyed this hike and the views were amazing, we deducted a star because the return to the car wasn’t that pretty.

Just Tara and Caitriona this time
The Djouce Woods loop
The route we took
It was a beautiful Winter day
Nearly there, looking back at what we’ve climbed
It was very windy at the top

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