National Botanic Gardens and Glasnevin Cemetery

Location: Dublin.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 2 hours.

Distance: 5km.

Equipment: Runners.

Families: Buggy friendly.

Rating: 5 stars.

This is more of a meander than a walk. There is so much to take in as you make your way around the interconnected tracks. We started in the National Botanic Gardens. We parked in the carpark as we had been warned about clamping in the area. This required a ten minute wait in a queue of cars. We picked up a map for a euro from the information centre and planned a route that took in all the attractions that appealed to us. Majestic golden and amber coloured trees line the path and grey squirrels scurried around us as we wandered around. We were particularly fascinated by the fruit and vegetable garden and we tried to guess each plant or tree before checking the nameplate. Near the information centre there is a gateway through to Glasnevin Cemetery. The jovial atmosphere of the gardens contrasts with the distinct eeriness of the Cemetery. It is very quiet and unpopulated by walkers. We marvelled at the impressive ornate gravestones and monuments as we strolled around the grounds. We visited the graves of the Easter Rising 1916 leaders before heading back to the car. Although the gardens are undoubtedly the star attraction of this walk we recommend taking in the Cemetery too.

Gorgeous tree lined path in the Botanic Gardens
The information board near the entrance
Our meandering route
Colourful Flora
The Tolka River
Immaculate flower beds
The information board in Glasnevin Cemetery
An acknowledgment of the Irish people who were killed in the Easter Rising 1916
O’Connell Tower

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